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Our Great Pyrenees Adults

Here are the BOYS!

Pankonin's Great White Snow Mogul was born 7/9/2013. He is really gentle and easy going unless something is messing with his charges or stuff and then look out! He will get between his charges and the threat and they will not get close!

Pankonin's Danali Bring on Winter was born 5/16/2015. He has matured into a really handsome fellow and has sired his first litters.
Bonnie Ladd
Pankonin's Tundra Wolf was born 7/19/2014. He loves people and considers all cats to be something to take care of!
Pankonin's Snow Princess was born 10/39/2011. She was raised here. Her parents are Bonnie Ladd and Ellie Lass Nevaeh.
This is Pankonin's Ellie & Ladd's Lassie. She is a litter mate of Pankonin's Snow Princess. She is an outstanding mama and raises super nice pups!
Pankonin's Alaska Ice Princess is one of our up and coming females. She was born 5/16/2015