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Male or Female

We have heard said so many times that the female puppy is sweeter than the male, smarter, easier to train & they make better house pets. This is a myth & totally wrong!

As far as attitudes go both can be very loving & usually always ready to please, (typical of a cocker spaniel).
Sometimes the male can be more affectionate & more outgoing. The male can be less likely to have emotional swings & will move on & let it go. Sometimes a male will take to children & other pets quicker than a female. Females tend to be more emotional & tempermental or sulk if not getting their way. They may be a little more reserved & a little more protective (thus the mothering instinct).

There is also the cost of spay versus neuter. It is generaly cheaper to neuter the male, it is a easier procedure with quicker recovery time. Spaying a female is more extensive so the cost is usualy more & takes a little longer recovery time. If you neuter your male before he reaches maturity, he will not feel the need to mark his territory & most likely will ignore a female in heat, in fact most males when neutered as puppies will squat & never lift their leg to pee.
When your female puppy is spayed before her first heat, (6-8 months of age) she will not have a heat cycle, so no spotting minus the mess & less likely to have mood swings & tempermental outburst.

So if you had your mind set on a female only, hopefully this has opened your eyes that a male puppy can make just as good a family pet as a female. Keep an open mind when selecting your puppy, don't close the door on a puppy because of its gender, because you may be missing out on the best companion you could have.
When choosing your new puppy keep in mind, male or female, each one has its own personality & is unique in its own way, with special qualities all its own. Choice should not be made on gender but personality.
Either way you go, male or female, if its a Cocker Spaniel, you cant go wrong!