Our puppies are sold as pets only, no brokers, pet stores or puppy mills! We strongly recommend responsible pet ownership, spay or neuter your pet. This can also eliminate odds of certain cancers in both males/females & will keep your male from marking his territory.

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Hickory Grove Kennel
Health Guarantee
Here are at Hickory Grove Kennel great care is taken to provide you with a healthy, happy puppy. It is now your responsibility to continue all health care, proper diet & plenty of TLC. We reccomend you keep your puppy on Purina puppy chow & NuVet vitamins for the 1st year. We require you take your puppy to a veterinarian within 3 working days. If your vet finds any life threatening illness, you must contact us immediately. You must return the pup with a vets dated statement of condition and we will exchange it for another one of equal value when available. No replacement puppy will be given if the pup is euthanized without our permission, or in case of abuse, neglect, or accident. We do not guarantee against parvo virus, parasites, bacterial infections, breed defects, hernia's or auto immune dissorders. Under no circumsatnce are we responsible for any cost incurred after purchase of a puppy, including transportation. We do not guarantee any pup as a breed or show dog. All of our pups are priced as pet only with limited Akc registration, full Akc is available on request with additional fee. No cash refunds are implied. Above conditions are required or all rights within this guarantee are void. This guarantee is written for the protection of the puppy, buyer and breeder.

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