Our kennel is licensed by the State of Nebraska. We have been licensed since 2003. Our state license number is NE0110465. We are members of 3 Dog Breeders clubs. United Pet Professional Association, Nebraska Dog Breeders Association and Nebraska Pet Breeders Association. We actively show our dogs at APRI shows and AKC shows. We diligently try to breed our dogs as close as possible to the AKC breed standards.

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Our backyard used to be our pride and joy, but I laugh and say it has rather gone to the dogs as of late! It is the playground for our puppies and on any given day there are usually 6 or 7 dogs running around enjoying the "wilds"!

Our dogs are raised in large indoor pens with huge outdoor pens connected by doggie doors. The kennels are heated and airconditioned. Our dogs are on free feed and can eat when ever they want, however much they want. We have never had over eating or bloating problems with our dogs as they get lots of exercise and since they never really get hungry they never over eat!

We whelp our litters in large pens with doggie doors. We leave the puppies with their mamas for quite a while after they are weaned. We have found that the mama's are far better at house training their puppies than the average human! Most of our puppies leave here using the doggie doors for their bathroom chores making it super easy for them to be house trained in their forever homes!