Sales Contract and Health Guarantee
Pankonin Farm Kennel
75940 Road 324
Grant, NE 59140
Breed: ______________________________

Birth Date: ________________________


Color and Markings:____________________________

Dam: ___________________________________

Registration Number: __________________

Sire: _____________________________________

Registration Number:__________________

Papers for Registration:
Given Will Mail N/A

Registration for this dog is:
Limited Full

Showing this Dog in AKC shows is:

Required Not Required

Sale Contract and Health Guarantee


Purchaser Agrees to the Following Conditions of Sale:

To keep the guarantee offered to you in force, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice No Later Than Seven (7) Business Days from the date of purchase. Pankonin Farm Kennel will not pay for the veterinarian fee charged for the initial exam or for any future veterinarian visits or vaccinations. If for any reason the examining Veterinarian declares this animal unfit for sale buyer must notify Pankonin Farm Kennel within two business days and provide a written report from the veterianarian. A full refund for the price of the puppy will be made or it can be exchanged for another available puppy of the purchaser's choice if the puppy is returned to the kennel. Our kennel is licensed by the State of Nebraska Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Industy. License number: NE0112465.

Pankonin Farm Kennel guarantees that, at the point of sale, the dog/puppy covered in this contract is in a healthy condition and that to the best of our knowledge is free from any physical or mental condition that will have any future bearing on this animal’s health or its ability to function as a pet or show/breeding stock animal. This guarantee shall cover any viral or bacterial illness for ten days after it leaves our property, it will not cover any life threatening illnesses that it might acquire at some future date. We totally agree with and follow the newly adopted Nebraska Commercial Dog and Cat Protection Bill. Our dogs are health checked regularly by our veterinarian Dr. Shannon Jensen and have been given scheduled inoculations as prescribed by her.

Your puppy is guaranteed for two years against any life altering genetic disorders diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian that would cause the dog to be unfit for its intended purpose. If at any time your puppy should have such issues it can be returned to us and have the purchase price of the puppy refunded or the puppy replaced with the first available puppy of equal quality, which ever is your preference.

No guarantee is made as to ability to breed, show quality, size, coat quality, temperament or adaptability. We believe our dogs to be of a quality that none of these things will be a problem but it is impossible to guarantee against such things. Most of these characteristics are going to be controlled by Purchaser and how he cares for the dog/puppy.

The Purchaser agrees, for the lifetime of the dog, to provide Breeder with current address and telephone number and email address if available. Purchaser will maintain ownership and possession of the puppy; they shall not sell, lease, give, donate or surrender possession of the dog without written consent of the Pankonin Farm Kennel being obtained first.

The Purchaser agrees to contact Pankonin Farm Kennel a minimum of once a year with an update on the dog. We ask this for two reasons. First, we want to know that the dog is still in a good home. Second, we want to know if anything is going on with the dog that might indicate a problem in our breeding program. If we don’t know how our dogs are doing after they have left our kennel it is impossible to know how our breeding program is doing as the dogs age.

If, for any reason the Purchaser can not keep this puppy they will return the puppy to Pankonin Farm Kennel or arrange to transfer the dog to a new Owner. The new Owner must be approved in writing by Pankonin Farm Kennel in advance of such transfer. At no time and for no reason shall a puppy/dog from Pankonin Farm Kennel be sent to a Shelter or Pound or euthanatized without just cause.

Female dogs sold with a unlimited registration shall have no more than _____ litters in their lifetime and shall not be used for breeding prior to the age of 2 years. All dogs sold with a limited registration must be neutered prior to reaching 1 year of age. Proof of this surgery is to be sent to Pankonin Farm Kennel.

Pankonin Farm Kennel shall retain _____ free breedings to all male puppies sold unless they are sold with a limited registration. Dog is to be neutered prior to the age of 9 (nine) months

If your puppy is sold as a show dog it must be shown in a sanctioned AKC dog show a minimum of _____ prior to the age of 3 years. Failure to do this will result in the dog being returned to Pankonin Farm Kennel at the Purchasers expense and there will be no financial reimbursement to the Purchaser from Pankonin Farm Kennel.

The Purchaser agrees to give all immunizations and worming treatments as recommended by a veterinarian. Your puppy has been on a vaccination schedule here and it is the Purchasers responsibility to continue the vaccination and deworming schedule to keep the puppy/dog in good health.

The Purchaser agrees to take good care of the puppy and provide good grade food, ample water, adequate housing, love and medical care. The Purchaser agrees to follow Pankonin Farm Kennel’s or their veterinarian recommendations regarding feeding, training, exercise and general care.

The Purchaser agrees that the dog shall have a proper enclosure or kennel to provide adequate protection from the elements and sufficient space to allow the dog room to run and exercise freely.

Your puppy has been micro chipped. You are required to send in the registration form and fee for this chip within the next 10 working days. This way if the puppy is lost or stolen it can be tracked and returned to you.

The Purchaser has read and understands the guarantee and acknowledges the conditions of the contract. Purchaser agrees to the above terms and conditions of sale and accepts full responsibility for the health and well being of the puppy.