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We at Pankonin Farm Kennel want to provide our puppies with the best possible homes and also want the people adopting our puppies to know what to expect from their puppy and be knowledgeable in how to care for them. Therefore we ask that you answer the following questions for us. We also want you to know that if you have any questions for us we would love to answer them for you.

1. Please give a brief summary of why you would like to add this breed of Puppy to your family.

2. Please describe the type of environment that the puppy will be living in (an apartment, home town or country or other ) along with the type of outside area that will be provided.

3. Are you aware of the care a puppy - dog needs? Please give a brief description of what you will do to care for your puppy. (Grooming, feeding and exercise)

4. Are you aware of the veterinary costs that go along with owning a puppy. Please provide a brief summary of what veterinary care you will be provide for your puppy-dog and the name, address and phone number of the vet you will be using.

5.Please describe your philosophy concerning the training of your prospective puppy - house training, leash training and obedience.

6. Do you plan to breed your puppy or have it spayed or neutered? If you plan to breed please describe the planning you will do that goes into this process.

Thank you so much for answering our questions. Once again if you have any questions for us please feel free to ask them.