A little about Miniature Pinschers:

They are a proud, vigorous, hardy, spirited little dogs. The Miniature Pinscher is frequently called "King of the Toys". Originating in Germany where they are known as Reh Pinscher, because of a resemblance to small red deer, it is important to note that the Miniature Pinscher is NOT a miniaturized Doberman.

The "Min Pin's" loving nature, loyalty, and intelligence make it a favorite with all age groups. Bold and flashy with a tendency to show off, his distinctive hackney gait gives him a style few breeds can rival.

Bright, attentive and trainable, the Miniature Pinscher often out performs far larger breeds in the obedience ring.

The Miniature Pinscher's sleek black, blue, chocolate, fawn, or red coat sheds minimally and requires little grooming. They are ideal for apartment dwellers and may obtain sufficient exercise in a very small space. They are unable to tolerate the cold and must never be kept outdoors in the winter.

Hackney-like action, fearless animation, complete self-possession, and spirited presence, that's the "Min Pin"!

They have a nature, and a manner suggestive of a much larger dog. The Min Pin is especially valuable as a watchdog, often keener than a dog twice its size. They are a born show dog too, noted for his lively temperament, intelligence, and pep.

They are always neat and clean, ready for action. Their activity level is very high, but their daily exercise needs are minimal. Although the Miniature Pinscher may look fragile, he is in fact a very sturdy dog and rugged for their size.

A Few Words from one that is owned by Miniature Pinschers:

My Miniature Pinschers are truly loved, and live up to the breeds nickname, "KING OF THE TOYS". Miniature Pinshers are wonderful dogs, they are great watch dogs, as they will let you know if someone is around. I have been around a lot of different breeds, but for me, this is my favorite breed. They are smart, and loving, yet independent. They can usually get along, even if there are several of them together. If there is a squabble, they can usually work it out themselves, without anyone getting hurt. They enjoy the company of other Min Pins also. They are usually very good travelers, if started young and are great to take with you for company on a long drive. I honestly can't imagine life without them.

Their coat is called "Permanent Press". As you don't have to do much too it. Actually bathing more than once a month will dry out their coat, and is not recommended. They can have dry skin, so a little oil on their food, or buying food with Omega 3 & 6 oils added is a good idea. Feeding a top quality food to Min Pins is always recommended, and it will pay off in the long run. They will have prettier coats, and will have less trouble later in life. Min Pins can be prone to dental issues, so they should not be fed people food, or soft or canned dog food, except in a time of illness or emergency, and should have their teeth examined and cleaned by a veterinarian yearly. They can be a little stubborn, but consistency on the owners part will end up working in the long run. Socialization when they are puppies is very important, as they need to be around people, other than their immediate family when they are young, so their protective, guard dog nature doesn't take over and make them a little bit antisocial.

However, when raised right, these are amazing creatures, and I thank God daily for the love I am able to give, and the love I receive from my Miniature Pinschers.

My Precious Miniature Pinschers